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Ecosystem Fish Ponds

Fish & Koi Pond Contractor/Builder

Serving Fort Worth, Arlington, Decatur, Paradise, Wise County, Texas (TX)

All of Tarrant, Wise & Parker Counties, Western North Texas

Ecosystem Ponds

At DFW Ponds Inc., we take great pride in the wide range of style and diversity of the many ecosystem ponds we’ve designed and installed throughout Tarrant, Wise & Parker Counties, including Paradise, Fort Worth, Arlington & Decatur, Texas region. Our pond designs are always built around a completely natural ecosystem, which helps to keep both maintenance and costs low. And while your pond will be installed with a focus on respecting the moods of Mother Nature, it can also be uniquely designed to reflect your own personal style.
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Our ecosystem pond designs are comprised of several different components, all of which are assembled together to fit your specific needs, and to fit the unique contours and landscape of your yard. In addition to adding great beauty and value to your property, our ponds will provide you with a beautiful, serene and private environment that will be a centerpiece of family gatherings and backyard parties for years to come.

Our pond designs include the following features, all of which support your water feature’s ecosystem approach:

  • Water Filtration: It removes harmful debris, and provides an area for additional bacteria colonization.
  • Landscaping with Rocks and Gravel: This provides a surface area on which bacteria can colonize.
  • Water Recirculation System: This is the heart of your ecosystem. It keeps water flowing and consistently oxygenated.
  • Fish: Aside from providing a relaxing environment, they help to keep algae in check.
  • Aquatic Plants: They clean your pond by providing nutrients.
  • Other Decorative Features and Fixtures (as desired) 

We Install The Aquascape Ecosystem Pond Filtration System

Pond Ecosystems Bring your Backyard Landscape to Life…

Ponds are ecosystems, in that they play host to a total interrelationship of all organisms in the environment– birds, fish, frogs, plants, and many other varieties of microscopic organisms.

Thus, ponds not only create a natural ecosystem in their defined environment, but they also fit into the community or life cycle of not just one homeowner’s back yard, but of the entire ecological region, here in Tarrant, Wise & Parker Counties, including Paradise, Fort Worth, Arlington & Decatur, Texas. An ecosystem pond works with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife around it. It also provides you with an all-natural, low-maintenance piece of paradise.  ​

Certified Aquascape Pond Contractor / Builder / Installer &  Maintenance Pro's Serving Decatur, Dallas-Fort Worth & North Texas (TX)